41 EDITION NATIVITY 23 to 24 December 2015







23 to 24 December 2015



The ancient village of Dogliani Castello, transformed in Bethlehem two thousand years ago and more, it is proposed to the visitor, on the nights of 23 and 24 December, with scenery simple but addictive, in which 350 people dressed in period costumes animate the various local, transformed and decorated shops, inns, farmhouses and wealthy.

Set up a Nativity so "alive" is not simple; there is a lot of wood to be cut, tow corn and bamboo poles to tie; We must prepare the torches in the wind, along with the bonfires light up the night.

Strolling in the districts, between camps of shepherds, peasants stalls, battittori wheat, basket weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters, pascatori, elderly spinners, inns and taverns, carpet sellers, bazaars, the potter and the baker, the learned and the censitore, we meet Joseph and Mary, who on the back of a donkey go in search of shelter.

Here is the good shepherd Gelindo (character Langa) indicating a hut located in the tower of the medieval castle where the couple will find a peaceful ox, and will wait for the happy event.

A large comet lit, which comes from the bell tower of the church on the tower, flying around the crib, announcing the birth of baby Jesus.

The chants of the shepherds take visitors who silently parading in front of the Holy Family, surprised and moved.

So, between the sacred and the profane, Langhe tradition and evocation East is 'live' this Nativity that excites and involves, first of all, the set and let the soul of the tourists a feeling of unexpected harmony and joy of Christmas.



- The event will take place whatever the weather.

- Large parking illuminated.

- Free bus shuttle from the parish church of the village will take visitors into the entrance of the Castello Nativity.

- Entrance free offer.



The President Pro Loco Castle

(Magliano Gianmario)




For information: www.prolococastello.it